Top 10 brand/domain names for fashion/lifestyle startups

BrandBrahma is a first of its kind e-commerce marketplace where you can get premium, generic and exact match domain names bundled with an innovative & unique logo and other start up contents at really affordable prices.

To make your search easy we have compiled a list of unique and most popular domain names which are suitable for naming a fashion | lifestyle related startups in the world, these are selected by our in-house branding experts and who has gone through all the possible parameter and trends to shortlisted this wonderful list of brand names.

Lets discuss these domain names one by one

first one is, this beautiful short domain name is perfect for naming any type fashion | lifestyle brand or B2C website, It has all charm and appeal to become a successful brand overnight because it is easy to remember, iconic and brand-able. Other than fashion it can be used as perfume brand because Kezua means scent in one of the Gypsy language in India.

Similar Short Brand-able domain name deals :

  • is sold for $2000
  • is sold for $2200

Next is, This is a premium, popular keyword, easy to use and definitely brand-able.This domain name comes with many branding opportunities like it can be used to name a T-shirt brand, Tour & Travel website, Kids fashion brand, Sports & Gaming B2C website etc.

Similar domain name deals

  • is sold for $13000
  • is sold for $3000
  • sold for $12000

Third is AOYNA.Com, AOYNA is basically a popular female name in Asia, It is often used to refer a fashionistas. It is short, iconic, generic and brand-able. It brings many branding opportunities on the table like naming a women’s fashion label, accessories brand, Women’s Shoes brand etc.

Similar Domain Name Deals

  • IOWNA.COM is sold for $4300
  • ARYZA.COM is sold for $2000

Fourth is, It is basically a Sanskrit word and a popular female name in Andhra Pradesh in India. It is a generic, premium, Sanskrit word and definitely brand-able. possible uses includes : naming a women’s ethnic fashion brand | Saree brand | Kids fashion brand | Early Learning App etc

Similar domain name deals

  • SANAYA.COM is sold for $1900
  • VISAYA.COM is sold for $4000
  • GAMAYA.COM is sold for $5500

Fifth is, This beautiful domain name is basically means power of intellec or excellent intelligence. It is a famous name for baby girl in India. It brings tremendous amount of branding opportunities like it can be used as Education App | AI Agency | School App | Kids fashion | Ladies fashion Brand etc

Similar Domain Name Deals

  • CHETHANA.COM is sold for $3000
  • HEMANA.COM is sold for $2400
  • SYESHA.COM is sold for $2000

Sixth is, It means the prettying French/Spanish, It is also short, easy to remember and definitely brand-able for fashion | lifestyle related business. It can be used as naming a cosmetics | ladies accessories | ladies shoes brand

Similar Domain Name Deals

  • is sold for $4410
  • is sold for $ 3000
  • is sold for $3000

Seventh is GOSSIPP.CO, This domain name has very popular word Gossip in it. It is very powerful word in paparazzi world. comes with loads of business opportunities. It can be used to name a celebrity news portal | celebrity fashion brand | footwer brand | Gaming app etc

  • GOSSIP.CO is sold for $11000
  • is sold for $9757
  • is sold for $25000+

Eighth is KSHANA.CO, This special short domain name means a moment | act in a flash in Sanskrit. It has all the charm and appeal to become a brand name. Suitable for naming a Women’s Jewellery brand | Fashion Brand | Diamond brand etc.

Similar domain name deals

  • is sold for $3000
  • is sold for $1000

Nineth in the list is, It means Great Flamboyance, It is generic, iconic, easy to remember and definitely brand-able. Suitable for naming high fashion | lifestyle brand

Similar Domain Name deals

  • is sold for $2000
  • is sold for $20000

Tenth is, This wonderful 2 word premium domain name is easy to remember, iconic and brand-able, bring tremendous branding opportunities because of its catchy in nature. It can be used to name a B2C site for mens fashion | lifestyle | grooming brand

Similar Domain Name Deals

  • is sold for $13000
  • is sold for $3000

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