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20 Jan: What is the domain name ? How important is to have a perfect domain name for a start up?

Domain names are considered as the real estate of the Internet. A perfect short, generic and exact match domain name of your business is just as good as a prime locality in any city for your house. In this internet era, getting a short, single/double generic dictionary for your startup is the cornerstone of your online businesses success.
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14 Jan: The Story of BrandBrahma, An exclusive content marketplace from India

The wonderful story of brand brahma should begin with the discussion of these two amazing words and they are brand & brahma. As you all know brand is a name given to a product or service such that it takes on an identity by itself, which will help a business to create and stand for loyalty, trust, faith, premium ness or mass-market appeal, and these things are totally depended on how you market yourself.