How Does It Work ?

Let's get down to business and discus how it works. Well,BrandBrahma is created by a group of highly skilled branding and domain name experts, We have delivered some of the best digital contents around the world. In other words, BrandBrahma is a galaxy of unique, innovative and exact matching domain names. Our process is pretty simple and which we have divided into 6 easy steps and they are as follows.

Search Your Brand Name

We have huge collection of Premium, Generic, Exact Matching & Brand-able domain names from each & every Industry. We have developed innovative search features like you can search domain names by synonyms, alphabets, character etc

Do The Research

Read & Understand about the product by going through our beautiful and informative product pages, It contains basic info, Associated Business Idea’s and the transfer process.

Make Sure What You Get

At BrandBrahma, Most of the brand name comes with a complete logo files, Business Idea & Tagline idea so make sure what you are getting with your the purchase.

Proceed to Puchase

Once you have finished research & understanding about the delivery of the item, select the item and move to make payment, We have most secured multiple payment option available for you.

Delivery Process

After we receive your order, We will instantly start preparing for the domain name transfer from our side, We will send you the authorisation code of the domain name & downloadable link of logo files and after the transfer completion we will send you tagline ideas

Complete !

We will try to deliver the item within 24 hours of the purchase but sometime it may take some more time due to the incompatible of registrars and other issues.